Anti-nuclear War Movements Post World War Two

The United States used atomic bomb on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Many innocent people were killed and massive destruction of property occurred. There was continuous test of atomic weapons by the US, the Soviet Union, and Britain which raised fear among the people. As a result, various movements emerged. Some of the movements included:

Ban the Bomb’ Movement

This movement was a symbol of peace and anti-war that was designed by Gerald Holtom against the use of nuclear weapons by the British Government. The logo appeared on the mugs, clothing lines, and ornaments and to some extent, on the cigarettes. The idea behind the use of this logo shows how signs and symbols may be used to spread peace among the people. This is because signs send various messages to the people. Over the time, this logo has become an international sign of peace. Initially, Holton considered using a Christian cross motif but realised that religious symbol would not unite everyone in the same way.

Apart from the logo being used as a symbol of peace, some people use the logo for evil. Adolf Hitler used this logo from 1941 to 1945 during his rule.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

In 1984, there was a massive Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Britain. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament prevents any military action that may lead to the use of nuclear weapon. The main objectives of CND are to abolish the weapons of mass destruction, close nuclear power plants, and eliminate British nuclear weapons. An English artist, Ian Dury, supported this campaign by adopting a hairstyle that symbolised peace. The movement used various methods in an effort to support this; these methods include the media, different conferences, publications, demonstrations, and rallies. In 1976, there was an emergence of activist wing of antinuclear power movement whose main aim was to shut down all nuclear plants that could be used to make deadly nuclear weapons.

Anti-nuclear Movements through the Music

Music plays a very important role in our life. Music can be used to spread peace among the people on the basis of their culture. The musicians and famous bands use peace logo in their album covers. Some musicians even write the entire songs with the message of supporting peace in the nations. Artists like John Lennon used “ban the bomb” logo to reach his fans in an effort to promote peace around the world.

Anti-Vietnam War Movements

The war fought by Americans in Vietnam led to anti-war protest in both the US and Vietnam. The parties that were involved in the protests included students, women, academics, clergies, military veterans, and some ordinary American citizens. Protesters made some moral arguments against the war, especially the academicians. America was accused of having imperialist’s goals in Vietnam by various protesters who were greatly involved in the movement activities. Extensive media coverage of the Vietnam War also had a great impact on the fight for the end of the Vietnam War. When John F. Kennedy assumed the office he had no other alternatives but to accept the will of the Americans in an effort to end the Vietnam War. In addition, the civil rights movement gave positive hopes upon his reign.

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